Black wedding bands in vogue

Now, black wedding bands are in fashion with most grooms opting for the new look. One of the main reasons for the black wedding bands to be the top style is the revival of black tungsten. Jewelers are using this and more and more couples are not going for the conventional wedding rings. Tungsten is not such a strong element but it is made to combine with carbon resulting in the formation of Tungsten Carbide which is a very strong material, very good for making jewelry with. Black wedding bands will actually last you all your life and even more as it is more durable and stronger than titanium. But you should know your black wedding bands properly before you rush off to the altar. Many of them are made with cobalt alloy that undergoes oxidation when it comes into contact with the skin. Most of these black wedding bands are made for men's finger sizes so make sure you get your measurements taken. Also titanium works well with the black wedding bands so analyze and work it out with patience.
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