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ruby ring

What does a ruby ring symbolize?

It is true to say that rubies are extremely beautiful gems regardless of the jewellery occasion. Yes, diamonds have for long been considered as a girl’s best friend, but in recent years, the number of people who prefer these coloured…

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stimulate your creativity, imagination and clarity through the amethyst stone

This is a type of quartz that contains other minerals such as silicon dioxide, iron and aluminium. It has a trigonometric structure and violet to lavender colour. Besides, it has a rating of seven on the Mohs scale, meaning that it…

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House of Harlow for online jewelry

House of Harlow is a collection of jewelry that has been promoted, marketed and designed with the help of celebrity Nicole Richie. Nicole Richie has been the spokes person and forefront of the brand for the past two years. The…

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Shoppers choose online jewelry stores than actual stores

According to a recent news report, more individuals are now purchasing at online jewelry stores rather than going into stores. With the recent sales such as Cyber Monday Sales, more individuals are feeling more comfortable with shopping online for absolutely…

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Etsy for innovative jewelry design

Etsy is an online website that offers innovative jewelry design. The jewelry that you can purchase online are either vintage quality or hand made items. It is like visiting a large number of jewelry online shops all at once. Individuals…

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How independent jewelry designers can be your inspiration

Jewelry ideas can come from things in your everyday life. Most of the designs that are unique and popular come from items in households that are not usually or commonly used as part of jewelry. For independent jewelry designers, these…

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How to become a jewelry designer

If you are creative and enjoy being innovative with handmade goods, you might want to consider to become a jewelry designer. Firstly, individuals need to learn the skills of jewelry making. You can enroll into classes, a college degree or…

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Samantha Wills innovative jewelry design

Samantha Wills is a local Australian designer who has made innovative jewelry design for the past 5 years. Her designs, which can be bought from a number of jewelry online shops, including the Samantha Wills official website. Both elegant, playful…

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How to find jewelry online shops

Individuals looking to make a good purchase of jewelry can find a number of jewelry online shops. With the internet growing every day, it is no wonder that the amount of stores available to buy jewelry will continue to increase….

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The most innovative jewelry design

What is the most innovative jewelry design out there? If you are looking towards the top brands out there that sell the bulk of the jewelry everybody wears, then you are looking at the wrong place. Why are these not…

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