stimulate your creativity, imagination and clarity through the amethyst stone


This is a type of quartz that contains other minerals such as silicon dioxide, iron and aluminium. It has a trigonometric structure and violet to lavender colour. Besides, it has a rating of seven on the Mohs scale, meaning that it is a hard stone. You can find the stone at to enjoy its spiritual and mental healing properties. You can also stimulate your higher consciousness using the stone. Here is how it stimulates your clarity, creativity and imagination among other spiritual qualities.

It Helps You Manage Stress

In our busy daily lives, we encounter stress at various levels. Sometimes we are working under high pressure. When we are not able to meet certain demands, if people out there do something bad to our lives or when we are not able to fight problems in our work and relations, among other issues. Stress is the mind’s attempt to seek clarity of the issue at hand and try to get a solution. Unfortunately, instead of enabling you to sort the issues at hand, stress tends to bring you down and creates emotions of fear, anxiety, sadness and anger. With time, it may lead to a full mental breakdown and depression I the extreme cases.

Fortunately, you can use the healing stone to seek stress relief. The stone has a calming energy that gives some balance to your mind so that you can sort out your issues with a greater amount of clarity. It also puts down the negative emotions that come with stress so that you are able to see the bigger picture when handling your problems. The soothing comfort you get from the stone melts away the mental strain and gives you a lasting refreshment that improves clarity.

It Improves the Mental Focus

Many issues bombard our minds at any point in life. Unfortunately, it is hard to handle all these issues at the same time as we lack the resources and mental power to do it. Instead, it is always vital to handle every situation on its own so that you can give it a good thought. However, when so many things are fighting for your attention, it is hard to pick one and forget the others temporarily.

You can achieve this by the use of this natural stone. It helps deal with wandering minds and scattered thoughts, bring all your mental energy into a single point so that you can handle the current situation. It also calms the mind so that you are able to structure your thoughts and pick one item after another. Most people use the stone when faced with responsibilities that require different skills to be applied at various times, to create a balance between work and life and to deal with cloudy thinking.

It Helps Spark Some New Ideas

You need a constant supply of new ideas regularly so that you can solve problems and speed up your progress. Idea generation is sometimes hard especially if your mind is clouded, stressed, or emotional. You need to be focused with a clear idea of what you need to achieve so that you can get ideas to do it. The use of amethyst enables you to concentrate your intelligence and wisdom on a particular issue and start to see things from a new perspective. It opens your mind to unlimited possibilities and alternative methods of doing things based on your experience, intelligence and universal wisdom.

Business managers use this stone during the brainstorming sessions, when creating strategies, developing products and managing their markets. You may also use it to open your mind to opportunities available for your area of passion or interest. To achieve this, you can place it in a room where you are having brainstorming sessions, study rooms or in the same room where you do your meditations. Consider having a pen a paper to write new ideas as they come to your mind.

It Helps Improve Your Decision-Making

In life, you are required to make hundreds of decisions from as simple as the food you will take for dinner to relationships, investments and entertainment choices. Decision-making is a product of intuition, emotions and common sense. Unfortunately, most people are either indecisive when it comes to important aspects of their lives or make decisions based on their emotions. Emotions get on the way of clear thinking and may cause one not to consider all the other factors that may influence the outcomes of their decisions. Other times, you feel out of control of the issues at hand and are unable to think straight.

This stone enables us to apply common sense and intuition when making vital decisions in our lives. It also helps suppress feelings of hopelessness, lack of motivation, cloudy thinking and lack of concentration. Besides, its soothing energy allows you to access the intelligence hidden in the subconscious mind and make use of it in crafting solutions for the issues at hand. When we have clear minds, we are less likely to make decisions that would cause us to regret it in the future. Our inadequacies and failures in the past do not also affect our line of thinking. Most people include the stone in their natural stone jewellery so that they can tap into these benefits in various decisions of the day.

It is used in Litho Therapy to Heal, Protect and Cleanse the Spirit

One of the things that drain our creative energy is the negative energy in our spirit. Negative energy and physic attacks are to blame for the negativity towards issues, people, or ideas. This energy, in turn, attracts the same negative people into our lives and makes things run in the dark direction. The use of the stone in litho therapy does not only shield you from the negative energy, but it also sends the energy back to the source. Therefore, you are not at any risk that the energy may get to you at any time in the future. Where the energy is not sent to the source, the stone actually converts it to a feeling of love.

The feeling of love helps improve the feeling of self-worth, which in turn translates to motivation to do the task beforehand. This environment allows your mind to reach out to new possibilities in your arena and come up with creative solutions for the issues at hand. Besides, it helps attract people with the same positive energy, creates synergies and connections that lead to better decisions and unlimited energy to handle responsibilities.

Use it to Connect with Your Higher Consciousness

There is the wisdom that is found across the universe that can only be accessed if you can tap into the higher consciousness. This is one of the natural stones that you can use to stimulate your third eye and has the keys to the crown chakra. This higher consciousness enables us to access our truths and intuition using our subconscious minds. These pearls of wisdom include everything from who we are, our purpose and our abilities. This forms part of our personality and expands the limits of our imagination.

With the higher consciousness, we are less afraid to venture out of our physical and mental limits. We are also willing to take risks reaching a higher goal. This freedom form parts of motivation and our thought structure. In the end, we are better at dealing with stress, lack and can handle various responsibilities with greater efficiency.

It Clears the Mind for Goal Setting

Goal setting is a product of examining your abilities, talents and responsibilities and then estimating what you can do with these abilities. Therefore, goals are usually a result of good thinking and less about what we can do with our limited resources. This stone can clear our minds such that we can think straight without being bogged down by emotions and pressure. Rather than just making the same monotonous goals, it gives us the energy to think creatively of other ways we can utilize our abilities and resources for a better result. Besides, it allows us to make greater use of intuition to create realistic goals.

Most people wear natural stone jewellery when making business plans, strategizing, or plan the future of their families. It just requires one stone to be available in the room to help the participants of the goal-setting process (if it is an organization) to be able to think creatively. However, it would be great if each participant had a stone of his or her own to enhance the energy.

It Helps Fight Fatigue

Fatigue usually results from the loss of mental or physical energy because of working. Mental fatigue leads to a lack of concentration, cloudy thinking and inability to focus. The use of the stone adds some soothing energy to your body and spirit that relaxes you. In a relaxed state, you can have vivid dreams, look at opportunities around you and tap into your intelligence to come up with robust decisions. You may place the crystals in your bath water for some time or place it in your bedroom to get anti-fatigue benefits.

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