How to make a success of your new real estate project?

There's nothing better than buying new real estate. However, acquiring a new property requires some fine-tuning before starting to buy to avoid any additional expenses. So how to make a successful purchase of a new property?

What is a new property?

Contrary to old or second-hand property, new property concerns a property before or after construction. It is a property (house or apartment) that is still being renovated or will be built soon. However, an investment in new real estate can be more difficult and more complex than that of an old building. On the other hand, with a good forecast in advance, you can optimize the success of your purchase in new real estate. A new property is also referred to as a finished property or a property that does not require a lot of work. If you wish to consider a project in the field of real estate, the option for new can help you to have a building of first choice.

How to proceed before buying your new property?

Before embarking on a project of any kind, especially in real estate, you must think carefully about the type of house you want to own (a whole house with a floor, a villa, an apartment, ...). At the same time, you must establish your objective, your budget, study the reasons and the place of your future home, ... These different criteria are all equally important and almost mandatory for your project to come to fruition. If you do not have too much experience in the field, you can choose to be accompanied by a real estate coach who will give you all the necessary information before, during and after the purchase of your future home. Indeed, with a better real estate coaching, you are sure to find the best new property offers on the market. You can also make several estimates of a new property purchase online before committing yourself to it. It is important to know that each investor does not have the same objectives. Thus, each professional coach in the field of real estate is used to solve everyone's problems according to your motivation, your profile with solutions tailored to your needs. This is why a good real estate coaching is necessary.

What are the steps for a successful purchase of a new property?

Your objective as well as the reasons which push you to invest in new real estate made, you must have a good strategy to be able to acquire your future new home. To do this, you must prepare the state of your financing, select the type of housing that interests you, make the right choice of location, ... For all these steps, if you are lacking financial possibilities or your budget is very limited to buy the house you want to have, you can opt for a real estate credit by calling a specialized broker. Indeed, it seems that this real estate brokerage solution can help you in the acquisition of your new property, because you can benefit from a tax reduction. Also, in this option, you have the possibility to make the competition play in order to reach a better brokerage negotiation that fits your budget. The choice of the place is one of the important criteria if you start buying a new property. If your project consists in renting or reselling in the next few years, it is better to choose a more active place, in a large and dynamic urban area. You must therefore study the geolocation of your home, the city and the environmental conditions (infrastructure, security, ...).

Other information necessary to succeed in your project in new buildings:

Investing in a new property has several advantages for future owners, because when it is new, it is comfortable and of good quality. In addition, you should know that the acquisition of a new property benefits from several kinds of mandatory guarantees, of which there are generally three. Among these, you have the two-year guarantee or guarantee of good working order which covers all repairable and replaceable elements (radiators, doors, shutters, taps, coatings, ...). The period of this guarantee is 2 years from the purchase of the property. The guarantee of perfect completion is necessary in the event of wear and tear or abnormal defects. It is applicable for one year after construction. For the third guarantee, there is the ten-year guarantee, which covers construction defects and which is made by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. These include major damage or deterioration such as foundations, walls, stairs and roofs.
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