Building customer loyalty by offering giveaways

Communication is a key branch of a company's strategy in any field. One of the most often underestimated but devilishly effective options are giveaways. These are various and varied objects bearing a company logo intended for its customers to retain them but also to prospect for new ones. However, without an appropriate action plan, such operations will be doomed to failure. How can you build customer loyalty by offering promotional gifts? To do so, you have to consider one by one the types of gifts to offer, the objectives of the operation and what to avoid in order to expect results.

What gifts to offer?

There is no shortage of options, the most common being promotional items. Small gadgets that have the advantage of being inexpensive for some, but the price varies according to the object in question. For example, you can opt for classic office equipment such as pens or pencils, calendars or even diaries. The idea is to give them a useful aspect in everyday life. These are practical, but other possibilities can also be considered. Advertising textiles also offer good prospects. Very often distributed for events or gatherings, their advantages lie in their personalization. One can write messages to be conveyed, slogans to make the company's values better known to its customers. Advertising clothing is thus better exploitable. Entities can also choose objects that are more original or more in line with their images, such as high-tech gadgets or ecological objects. Many ideas for objects are proposed on the website and their teams can be contacted for specific requests.

Why offer promotional gifts?

The main goal of this operation is to build customer loyalty. A softer way to advertise to its customers, the latter perceive it as a gesture of recognition which increases their sympathy. All this encourages a climate of trust between the two parties, which will boost the company's sales. Offering gifts bearing the company logo is also a tool for prospecting new clients. In fact, it has been shown that the majority of customers who have received them give them to other people: friends or family members. There is nothing better to make yourself known or to arouse the interest of potential customers. Another advantage is that a promotional item is not perishable. In contrast to audio-visuals, these objects do not last only 30 seconds. Their lifespan only depends on the object in question, that's all. A calendar will stay in an office for a whole year, for example, just like a diary.

Errors to avoid

For any strategy to work, you have to know how to avoid the pitfalls. Likewise, offering anything anyhow will never guarantee good results. The first mistake that should not be made is to offer bad gifts. It's bad for the company's image and all the benefits will disappear with it in the trash. Communication errors should also be avoided. At the risk of damaging the company's image or alienating parts of its clientele, do not distribute clothing that conveys political messages, for example. Finally, it is important to budget for giveaways because they are considered to be expenses in their own right. Predicting the returns on investment is not a bad idea, which will serve as a dashboard and avoid a significant overrun. Seduction operations using advertising objects are generally good strategies. Like all good tools, you have to know how to use them.
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