What does a ruby ring symbolize?

ruby ring

It is true to say that rubies are extremely beautiful gems regardless of the jewellery occasion. Yes, diamonds have for long been considered as a girl's best friend, but in recent years, the number of people who prefer these coloured rings that are less traditional as compared to diamonds is skyrocketing.

If you're searching for the perfect ring for your partner or friend, then you should get an impressive ruby ring or an emerald-green ring. These types of rings are unique and timeless which makes them the best pieces of jewellery to rock every day. This article will cover the important facts regarding rings made of rubies and what they symbolize in different situations.

What are Rubies?

Rubies are named after a Latin word that means red, just like their colour. Therefore, rubies are red sapphires and are members of the Corundum family. Typically, if these crystals come in any other colour that is not red, they are no longer referred to as rubies but instead are considered to be sapphires. Sapphires have to have a colour that is either purple-red and orange-red to be considered to be rubies. The pink colour is believed to be the boundary between rubies and sapphires.

Just like diamonds, rubies are rated as 9.0 in the Mohs test of hardness which means that they're extremely durable and hard. They are just next to diamonds in terms of hardness which makes them the second-hardest gems on earth. Along with diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, rubies are regarded to be the four major precious gemstones. They have very little probability of chipping, cracking, or breaking. They are also chemical, light, and heat resistant which makes these fiery stones even more advantageous.

The most bright and beautiful rubies in the world can be found in nations such as Australia, Afghanistan, Burma, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Russia, Madagascar, Thailand, and the US. The rubies from Burma are considered to have the highest value although their value landscape is swiftly changing and the value of rubies from the rest of the nations is gaining value gradually.

Each ruby has its unique shade, colour, and tone. The clearer and deeper its red colour is, the higher the ruby's value. But bear in mind that rubies that are created in labs cannot attain the value of gemstones that are unheated and natural. The benefit of rubies is that their deep-red hue maintains their value quite well, which makes rubies a good investment to invest your money in.

History of Rubies

Based on the history of valuable minerals, the first ring was offered by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. These stones were enormously hard to obtain for many generations which made them extremely valuable. With time, more miners discovered more of these diamonds in different mines across the world, especially in Africa. They then became the preferred form of rings during the 1930s.

Even during the Great Depression, diamonds retained their value and popularity which made them a good place to invest in during difficult times. They were highly sought after for family heirlooms to be passed down through various generations.

Alongside diamonds, rubies also reigned with the same popularity. During the 17th and 18th centuries, diamonds and rubies were paired together often as a symbol of enduring strength and eternal love. Additionally, many jewellers also designed romantic rings made of diamonds as the centre stone and rubies as the side stones. To make the jewellery more affordable to people, jewellers started to use small diamonds as side stones and rubies as the centre stones. This is a trend that has continued even into the modern era, especially for people on a budget.

Whether you're in the market for small, minimalistic rings or large dark red hue engagement rings, rubies are the perfect choice for people who want a timeless and unique ring or wedding band. In the modern era, the most famous example of a ring made of rubies is where Prince Andrew gave one to the Fergie, the Duchess of York.

What Rubies Symbolize

Rings made of rubies are said to symbolize several things. Some people consider them to be visual embodiments of undying, passionate love. Most of the ladies that picked rubies were highly passionate women who had a flair for excitement and drama. Rubies are the ideal stones to signify a beautiful and bold bride.

Also, some legends around the world believe rubies are hardened fire and they possess the ability to rekindle the desires of the heart, and could even reconcile fighting lovers. The reason behind this is the metaphysical properties that rubies have that can collect and amplify energy and light; thus, offering feelings of peace and contentment to the wearer. Some societies believed that if lovers were quarrelling, rubies would change to a darker colour. However, the changing of colours does not necessarily mean that lovers are fighting – it could be its mere lore.

Furthermore, some cultures associated rubies with the energies of the sun, and that the wearer of rubies would enjoy a surge in fresh vitality, passion, and power. This same energy is also believed to stimulate the heart's chakra, detoxify the body and blood, and assist in providing physical and emotional balance to the owner.

Interestingly, rubies are believed to radiate and intensify sexual energy by promoting sexual activity and stoking the wearer's libido. That is the main reason why they were quite popular with lovers who were intending to get married!

There are other things that rubies are thought to symbolize. They include the life and warmth of humankind, trust, devotion, love, happiness, integrity, uniqueness, vitality, and truth. Some people went as far as declaring the crystal as the "Nobility Stone". Others refer to it as the "King of Gemstones".

The Value of Rubies

Rings made from rubies can significantly vary in price and quality. It all depends on the stone's colour, its size, shape & weight, and most importantly, its hue. The more even their saturation is and the more transparent and deeper their red colour is, the more valuable those rubies will be. Rubies that have the perfect colour as regarded as "Pigeon Blood" because their hue is so saturated and deep that it resembles the fresh blood of a pigeon.

Just like other gemstones, the cut plays a crucial role. To maximize the value of these red sapphires, you require a precise, skilled cut. Although you can obtain synthetic rubies with differing sizes, it is quite hard to obtain a natural one that has more than three carats. Any size larger than that can be extremely rare to find.

Rubies are prized extravagantly in Asian cultures. They are quite popular in India as they symbolize great power. The majority of the royals in India wear rubies for this reason and they also use them as gifts to honour deities. They have a belief that should you bring rubies to the Krishna, you could be reborn as an Emperor in your next life. And it's not only Asian beliefs that believe in the power and ability of rubies, but you can also notice rubies in the crowns of royals from Britain.

Settings for Rubies

Because rubies come in various shades of red, they are compatible with several forms of metals. But keep in mind that the more transparent and deeper the red colour is, the higher the value of the stone will be.

The vibrant red colour of rubies pairs well typically with settings of yellow gold or rose. They can also look quite appealing with platinum and palladium options should that be your preference. If this is the case, if your rubies do not have a great enhancement label, then it is not a great idea to pair it with white gold. The reason here is that white gold rings require regular maintenance after every three years. This process uses rhodium plating which could be damaging to your rubies.

Vintage designs and styles can look very beautiful when rubies are used as the centrepiece, but this is also applicable to modern designs and styles. You can also choose to pair your rubies with other gems if that suits your taste, although it can become quite busy. Therefore, if you do so, ensure that it is done with taste and utmost care.

Notably, ensure that all the other bridal ornaments match your ruby rings to prevent a big clash. Rubies command a lot of attention, so do not fear showing off your ring and let it stand out.

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