Determining your budget for a real estate purchase

There are many different sources of financing for the acquisition of real estate, and investors must define a budget beforehand. This will make it possible to calculate the maximum amount on the purchase price of a house when deducting acquisition costs. As the purchase of a property is an operation spread over several years, doing the accounts and fine-tuning the finances with the potential aid remains the best solution to guarantee the chances of success of the project.

Calculate the available budget

An overview of the tariffs charged will certainly give a more precise idea of the amount needed to achieve the objective. For example, the price per m2 will make it easier to identify the areas in which to search for properties, or even modify certain criteria if necessary (location, number of rooms, etc.). In financial terms, borrowing is an excellent way of increasing the funds allocated to the project. However, it commits the contractor over a long period of time and the contractor must ensure that the monthly loan payments are compatible with the repayments at the risk of impacting his daily life as well as his future projects. Banks generally advise a maximum debt ratio of 33%, which can vary depending on the borrower. The budget available for the acquisition of a property includes various types of expenses, and it is necessary to identify the real estate market of interest in the first instance. In addition, the future owner must also provide for the borrower's insurance contribution. He can then opt for a group insurance involving a negotiable tariff or a delegation insurance corresponding to an individual contract with the establishment of a tariff according to the profile of the insured. Go to for more information on estimating the property budget.

Determining your ability to repay

It should be noted that the budget for the purchase should not limit the buyer in other aspects of his or her life and an obligation to balance expenses against income is required. As part of maintaining a lifestyle that is less impacted by repayment costs, the owner can create a security deposit savings. This will also give the possibility to access additional funds for the project or to improve the comfort of life following the important monthly payments. The government, certain financial institutions or local authorities can also offer assistance through schemes reserved for the purchase of real estate. Each of these aids has its own characteristics and eligibility conditions (tax credit, interest-free loan, subsidies, etc.) and by benefiting from these aids cumulatively, the applicant will be able to increase the budget while reducing the need for real estate credit.

Expenses to be planned, think about simulators!

The purchase of a property is in itself an expense that is often overlooked by the investor. The total cost of the property includes several expenses apart from the sale price, and using a real estate purchase simulation can help to draw up a relevant list of existing expenses. However, a few documents need to be prepared before launching the online simulator, it will then be relatively simple to calculate the monthly payments and discover the associated expenses. The addition of the contribution of the various aids to the amount of the real estate loan will more or less determine the exact budget and the entrepreneur can finally start his research.
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