Custom wedding rings for the special one

Now make your loved one feel special by these custom made wedding rings by Simone & Son. South California's premier jeweller which specialises in custom Orange County jewellery is now offering the latest in custom wedding rings for the summer and fall wedding season. This collection boasts of men's and women's rings which can be customised to the customer's needs. Shant Dakessian, designer and certified Gemologist says that the wedding rings are the only piece of jewellery that is worn every day after marriage and you should make sure that the ring you are selecting is something you are willing to wear for your life. It may be possible to find 'that' ring but it is easier to customise the wedding rings of your choice. At Simone & Son, great care is taken not only to provide the best collections of wedding rings but also to provide the best customization that is available in the market. This is done through 2D and 3D modelling by the master craftsmen at Simone & Son and they promise to deliver a master piece that you will be proud to wear throughout your life. The customers can choose to get touches added to the rings or get messages engraved on them.
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