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24S is part of the famous Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy group. Its main aim is to improve the spirit of Paris by providing a unique online shopping experience for both men and women. The online shop has various fashion brands such as luxury homes, and 24S is also in an online partnership with Louis Vuitton, Celine, Moynat, and Dior. Apart from offering fashion brands, 24S extends its services by providing exemplary services such as express shipping to more than 100 countries with a 24 hour delivery in cities such as New York, Milan, Paris, and London. aims to connect the entire world to Paris by providing a complex and untethered fashion that combines modernity and heritage. It ensures that each delivery offers a Parisian experience by adding a symbol of Paris in each package. 24S sells a wide variety of fashion designs, Brunello Cucinelli sale being one of the leading brands.

Brunello Cucinelli is an internationally known brand famous for its mastery of clothing made of cashmere. It started back in the year 1978. The designer works with the finest materials and mostly prefers cashmere developed to different pieces with timeless styles. Born in a small farming village in Italy, the designer learned how to respect, assist others, and value nature. He was inspired by different philosophies, such as Kant’s belief that one should treat others as the end and not a means to the end. He believed that it is important to respect humanity even in business by striking a balance between profits and giving back. Through his brand, he maintains a high standard of morals by not harming humankind and respects everyone’s role in society. Cucinelli has various collections, including softly tailored trousers, subtle denim, jackets, sportswear, skirts, dresses, and cashmere sweater. The main aim of Cucinelli is to develop a simple collection with comfortable clothing that expresses elegance to both men and women.

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Shoes contains a variety of shoe products from the brand. The boots come in an Italian refined and elegant style. The combination of shoes includes loafers, sneakers, sandals, and heels. On top of that, one can find both raised boots and ankle boots with a zipper or slide-in. The designer’s shoe range is a unique expression of the brand’s understanding of elegance and refinement. The different designs and styles aim at satisfying all your fashion requirements. You have the option to choose between a casual look provided by sneakers or slender legs on heels. The different types of shoes by the designer include sandals with monili, heels with monili, knit runners, loafers with monili, espadrilles, slides, suede sneakers, and platform sandals.

Ready to wear

Cucinelli is famous for his poetic inspiration hence given the nickname of the king of cashmere. He has a wide range of sweaters and readymade clothes with unique designs and displays a high level of feminism. The clothes are specifically handmade to bring out both sophisticated and unique shapes. His inspiration comes from the great names and traditional periods. The designer expresses his creativity through the ready-to-wear collection by offering exemplary and simple models in warm colors. The exhibition demonstrates traditional craftsmanship containing handmade designs. The designer loves oversize cardigans and jackets that add an on-trend touch. Examples of clothes under this brand include the lightweight sweater, Japonnette shirt, denim trousers, sweatshirt with monili, knit dress, cigarette trousers, and silk top.


The Italian brand offers a wide range of good-looking bags on top of the ready-to-wear. The bags come in different shapes and angles, such as geometric, angular, and rounded corners. The series of bags can be worn in various ways. The collection includes backpacks, handbags, or shoulder bags. The design expresses a high level of feminism that offers a sustainable style suitable for any style you wear. The bags come in neutral and natural tones that define the Italian brand. Examples of bags include Hobo bag, calfskin bag, suede bag, suede backpack, bag with Monili, and Precious bag.


24S has a wide range of accessories that helps you improve your appearance. The accessories add to the importance of your style and provide unlimited opportunities for the dress or cloth you choose. The brand offers different accessories such as belts, scarves, and caps. The belts are made using pure leather, which makes them unique and durable. They also match any dress style, giving you a more feminine look. The scarves contain cashmere and silk, giving them a soft touch making them comfortable around the neck. The flat caps add to the beauty and provide a unique appearance to your choice of dress. Examples of accessories include the calfskin belt, flat cap, leather belt, linen scarf, and silk scarf.

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