Garage door installation: learn more about models and features

The installation of a garage door requires many prerequisites in order to guarantee an accessory that is both aesthetically pleasing and effective. As with any model of industrial gate, you must take several parameters into account, first and foremost your budget, then the size of your garage, among others. From there, you will be able to choose the style you like, as well as the features best suited to the project.

Choosing the model

The crucial point in the process of installing a garage door is the selection of the model. First of all, you must make comparisons. You can simply contact an industrial door specialist to better design the final product corresponding to your project. But in general, you should already know that there are two main types of openings. The first, called the traditional opening model, includes all the types of garage doors we are all familiar with. The one-piece up-and-over door, the sliding door made up of several hinged sections, the casement door, which as the word indicates has two leaves opening outwards, the roller door is one of them. The second type, known as modern or sectional opening, works on the same principle as the roller shutter. Visiting the site of a specialist to find out more will allow you to move forward quickly.

Characteristics to know

Taking into account the general architecture of your house, you can select the essential features of the door of your future garage. First of all, you can choose the material that will harmonize with the rest of the building. In contrast to an industrial gate that is always made of metal, you can choose other options. For example, wood can be perfectly integrated into a house with a traditional architectural trend or environmentally oriented. Aluminium or other metal is a material that can be adapted to almost any style, then it all depends on the colour. For a resolutely modern design, you can also choose PVC. Then you will have to think about aesthetics. Do you want a solid model, or do you want to put portholes on each side? Finally, the pattern to give your garage door a personal touch is waiting for you, depending on the material and type of model you have selected.

The right level of technology

This is the last point in making your choice. For traditional models, you can always be satisfied with a manual operating mechanism, especially if it is a small garage. At best and depending on the installation possibilities, you can also use a mechanical system, such as a crank handle to open or close it. However, if you have opted for an industrial door, then you can already look forward to the convenience of operation thanks to its motorised system. Apart from the model with sliding opening, which does not allow this, the integrated operator is also available for the roller door, for example. For other options, the hinged arm operator is suitable for swing doors, while the overhead and sectional doors have a remote operator system.
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