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A premier online retail store of men's jewelry, titanium rings and wedding bands is offering many options for your special day. offers everything from a simple solid tungsten ring to tungsten wedding bands made with a mix of other metals adorned with diamonds and gems. According to Ron Yates, founder of, this year the JCK convention which showcases the hot trends in jewelry every year put on display men's tungsten wedding bands. No one treats tungsten as a fringe metal anymore and almost all jewelry stores offer tungsten wedding bands. At customers get to choose from wedding bands and engagement bands which differ from the standard designs because they have been offering the same for years. There are more than 100 designs that show a wide variety from simple flat to grooved designs and the designs mixed with gold and gems. The designs are meant to appease varying tastes and price ranges. There are designs for customers who want the traditional bands and also for those who want something complex.
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