Royal wedding bands

The engagement ring that Prince William gave to Kate Middleton is famous the world over, as it is the diamond-studded sapphire that belonged to his mother Princess Diana. But now attention has shifted from that stunning ring to another set of royal rings, specifically the wedding bands that the couple will wear on the big day. The palace has refused comment on the subject, there is a likely frontrunner that can be determined based on royal traditions. According to these traditions a bride's wedding ring should be graced with Welsh gold from a special family reserve. The palace has been using Clogau Gold since the late Queen Elizabeth's wedding in 1923. That company runs a mine in Dolgellau, North Wales, but they will not confirm any role in the royal wedding, saying it is up to the Royal Family. They say that everyone will have to wait until the wedding day, or shortly thereafter, for an official response on the subject from the Palace or the newlyweds themselves.
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