The wood stove: An ecological heating system

With a new generation high-performance wood stove, it is possible to heat a living space in a very efficient and ecological way. The wood-burning stove can be used as an auxiliary heating system or as a replacement for an obsolete heating system. Equipping yourself with an efficient and ecological wood stove helps to reduce fine particle emissions and limit your energy costs.

Heating with a wood stove

Many private individuals opt for the installation of an efficient and ecological wood stove to heat themselves in winter. New-generation wood stoves are economical and environmentally friendly since they allow you to heat using a renewable energy source with a low carbon footprint. A wood stove can also be used for auxiliary heating or to relieve an existing heating system. Manufacturers offer a wide range of wood stove models adapted to all heating needs and volumes. With a wood-burning appliance, you will not be dependent on fluctuations in the price of fossil fuels and you will be making a gesture for the environment.

Finding the ideal stove

Older models of wood stoves often had a reputation for poor performance and for contributing to environmental pollution by emitting a high proportion of fine particles during periods of extreme cold. The latest generation of modern wood-burning stoves, whether log or pellet, no longer have anything to do with these obsolete and polluting wood-burning appliances. They are equipped with a temperature sensor that automatically regulates the temperature, are remotely programmable and ensure optimal heat distribution thanks to efficient and silent fans. It is important to choose a fireplace that is adapted to the size of the volume to be heated so that the wood stove runs optimally with a sustained fire and pretty dancing flames. Whether classic or contemporary, this heating technique makes it possible to combine heating performance, comfort, ecology and visual amenities.

Buy a high-performance wood stove

To choose a new-generation wood stove, ask a specialist in this type of heating for advice to guide you in your choice. Individuals who decide to equip their home with an ecological heating system have the possibility of obtaining state aid in the form of an interesting tax credit. If your house is well insulated and you invest in the purchase of an efficient wood stove, you will find that this appliance heats very efficiently and that if you used electric radiators before, they will no longer be needed! Moreover, you will see that the modern wood stove quickly becomes hot and that it takes up relatively little space in a room. It consumes only a small amount of fuel and produces low CO2 emissions.  In short, this heating system has everything to appeal to both new buildings and renovations.
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