Wide range of tungsten wedding bands hit the us market

Tungsten wedding bands are becoming the next popular precious metal option for customers in the US. The demand for something different from the typical gold and silver jewelry has led both online and local stores to profit greatly from the sale of tungsten wedding bands this year. Even at the 2011 JCK Las Vegas convention, considered the biggest gathering of the jewelry fraternity, tungsten wedding bands and engagement rings stole the show. Being easily malleable tungsten can be faceted, grooved, raised at the center or flattened as per design. Certain websites like Titanium-Jewelry.com offer tungsten wedding bands combined with colored gold, silver and even inlaid with metallic ropes or precious gems making them even more desirable. Chad Anderson of Heavy Stone Rings affirms that today tungsten no longer remains a fringe metal with tungsten wedding bands found in almost all jewelry stores in the US.
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